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About Datek Group’s Infrastructure Solutions

The key to success in a vocation is hard work and we at Datek know how important it is for your vocation to be a success. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding overall cabling package to our clients and have worked tirelessly at being able to identify the core issues that need to be tackled for each business to thrive.

Consultancy Services

When it comes to delivering consultancy services, we know that one service doesn’t fit all. Which is why we focus on bringing you a dedicated team of technical experts and professionals who are able to assist with any size of project when you need them in order to bring success to your business functions. From start to finish we’re here to help, enabling you to integrate our services just when you need us.

Our focus is on collaborating directly with you to build on your current capabilities and to generate successful projects. Working closely with you, we’ll create programmes utilising industry best practices to meet all your technical needs, regardless of the business surroundings. So, this may be one of many different environments such as call centres, data centres or company headquarters.

We aim to bring results to all technical areas of your business. Our speciality is in streamlining your functions; creating smoother and reliable business capabilities. We also understand that the goalposts can change quickly and considerably – we’re proud to be flexible to meet your needs too. So, as your business needs change, so does our ability to adapt.

We also know how important it is for you to gain successful ROI at all times. Which is why we make sure that through engaging our consultancy services, we’ll ensure that your projects keep to strict time deadlines and budgets in order for your operations to run to plan. Reducing cost and risk is always top of the agenda, so you can be guaranteed that we’ll do our utmost to deliver in these areas.

Our technical capabilities mean that we’re able to bring you the most advanced technical solutions to your infrastructure challenges. All our team members are rigorously trained and certified – bringing you the capabilities to handle the most challenging of projects. This means that you can benefit from a variety of consultancy services regardless of the size of your company or project.

You can be reassured that we are RCDD certified in-house – a globally recognised standard that represents exceptional expertise and qualifications in the telecommunications industry. This also goes for our design, implementation and integration for all your telecommunication infrastructure and components. The RCDD certification is widely recognised by designers and professionals working with architects and engineers – in fact all functions working in the network and alarm or security systems.