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    Uninterruptible Power Supplies

About Datek Group’s Infrastructure Solutions

The key to success in a vocation is hard work and we at Datek know how important it is for your vocation to be a success. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding overall cabling package to our clients and have worked tirelessly at being able to identify the core issues that need to be tackled for each business to thrive.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

There are many different types of UPS systems available, selecting the correct one and understanding the options available can be tricky and time consuming.

UPS and generator back up have to be correctly installed and commissioned to perform correctly and give a trouble free working life. Some small UPS plug directly in the mains however the majority (over 3kVA) have to be installed by qualified and highly skilled professional electrical engineers. All D.I.S engineers have been factory trained by the OEM and guarantee a smooth and pain free install. We work with the factory issued commissioning procedures and provide a full guarantee and electrical certification with every install.

Our project managers will visit site to complete and exhaustive survey and listen to your requirements prior to submitting a detailed proposal based on:

  • Load/Time requirement
  • Space restrictions
  • Floor Loading
  • Budget
  • Timescale

Our OEM trained, highly skilled field-service engineers will then commission and test the complete power protection system. They work in accordance with factory-issued commissioning procedures and written method statements and provide full commissioning certification for warranty validation.