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    Wireless Design & Implementation

About Datek Group’s Infrastructure Solutions

The key to success in a vocation is hard work and we at Datek know how important it is for your vocation to be a success. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding overall cabling package to our clients and have worked tirelessly at being able to identify the core issues that need to be tackled for each business to thrive.

Wireless Design & Implementation

Building a successful, secure wireless network requires careful planning, implementation, and on-going support. How many access points are needed? How will the wireless network integrate with your existing network?

If you are just now considering implementing a wireless network, there is no better place to start than with a complete wireless assessment. A wireless engineer will meet with you to determine unique requirements for specific signal coverage, roaming, cabling, and aesthetics. We then perform an analysis to determine the number and placement of access points to provide optimum coverage. Our wireless network site assessment report details any necessary changes to your existing network, equipment placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements. Finally, we provide a detailed report identifying recommended access point positions.

Are there gaps in your existing wireless network? Datek can help you find and fix them. And, if you are experiencing network downtime, slow connection speeds, or coverage drop-offs, we will supply you the information necessary to correct those problems. Whether the issue is the number or location of access points, or your network infrastructure, a Datek site assessment provides the answers necessary to enhance wireless network.